Terms Of Use

Collection of non personally identifiable information

Ghclues does obtain some types of non personally identifiable information such as the ip address you use to connect to the Internet,
your browser type, or the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for example). This information is used to
improve the website by for example analysing which pages are popular and which pages need to be improved.

The collected information is not sold to third parties.

Usage of cookies by Ghclues website

Ghclues uses cookies to store information about the country and city from which you are surfing. This information is used to customise
the website content as well as advertisements according to your geographical location.

Ghclues uses cookies to remember your screen name when commenting on news articles and when joining the chatroom. Without these cookies you
would need to re-type your screen name all the time.

Ghclues Website uses a cookie for the Say It Loud forum to determine whether you are a registered user. Without this cookie it will not be possible to
automatically give you the privileges of a registered user.

In all cases you can stop this usage of cookies by Ghclues by disabling cookies in your browser. In the help section of your browser you will
also find information about how to remove existing cookies from Ghclues website from your computer.

In general you can use Ghclues without cookies although it might reduce the user friendliness of the website.

Usage of cookies by Advertisers

Ghclues runs advertisements from various renowned advertising networks that sees to it that
their usage of cookies is governed by the individual privacy policy of the advertising network in question.

A good resource to learn more about your consumer privacy in relation to these advertising networks is the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) .
On this website you can opt out from Behavioral Advertising for all the advertising networks which are member of the NAI.