Passengers get off bus immediately 2 Chinese board trotro over fear of Coronavirus


Passengers get off the bus immediately 2 Chinese board trotro over the fear of Coronavirus

I bet no one is scared of the coronavirus than Ghanaians, and it makes sense, especially with the way the pandemic has swept Italy, China, Iran, Britain, and gradually taking over Africa.

So far 23 active cases have been reported in Ghana out of 24 confirmed cases as one Lebanese patient died of the virus.

Well, Ghanaians have a strong notion that whites easily spread the virus, especially the Chinese since the virus is known to have first infected the people of Wuhan.

A video sighted by sees passengers of a sprinter bus alighting from the bus immediately two Chinese men entered the bus.

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From the video, one could see the passengers who were already seated in the bus dropping one-by-one a few seconds after the Chinese men entered over fears of being infected with the virus.


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