I’ve had 4 abortions for my sister’s husband – Lady shares her sad story (Video)

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I’ve had 4 abortions for my sister’s husband – Lady shares her sad story (Video)

A young lady has come out to share her personal story on how she’s had 4 abortions for her sister’s husband.
Speaking on Accra based Peace Fm, the lady asked the host, Odi Ahenken Kwame Yeboah to help her beg her sister for wringing her.

The story starts when a family visited their village and picked her sister to stay with them in Accra.

The hard-working and obedient nature of her sister won the heart of many in Accra to the extent that a rich family friend of her sister’s bosses proposed marriage to her.

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The rich man followed the sister to her village to be officially asked for her hand in marriage.

After the marriage the sister through the help of her rich husband changed the life of the wife and her family.

After establishing a business with the support of her husband, the wife went to her village to pick the younger sister to stay with them whiles sponsoring her education.

According to the younger sister, her big sister started traveling to China to bring in goods.

During one of her trips abroad, it was left with the younger sister and the rich husband in the house and the man forced himself on her one night and threatened to kill her should she ever tell her sister.

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Since that night, the rich husband made it his hobby to forcibly sleep with her at will till the wife returned from abroad.

So when the wife finally returned, the younger sister decided to travel back to their village because she couldn’t hide the guilt on her face.

According to the girl, her parents forced her back to Accra because they didn’t understand why she will abandon her big sister and return to the village.

When she returned to Accra, the husband made it his hobby to always sleep with her and blackmail her that, he’s the one who has helped her big sister and family so if she doesn’t corporate, he will sack the sister and take all his investments.

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With time it became normal to the extent that she got pregnant 4 times and all occasions she was forced to have abortion.

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