Government inaction cause of deportation of 245 Ghanaians from Kuwait- Ablakwa


Government inaction cause of deportation of 245 Ghanaians from Kuwait- Ablakwa

Ranking Member on Foreign Affairs Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has blamed the deportation of some 245 Ghanaians by the Kuwaiti government on the inaction of the government of Ghana, stressing that if the government of Ghana had acted earlier in bringing them back to Ghana, they should have been saved the indignity of deportation.

Mr. Ablakwa said that if the government of Ghana had heeded the advice by him and some other Ghanaians to help repatriate stranded Ghanaians back to Ghana, the deportation of the 245 would have been unnecessary.

He expounded that it is unacceptable for Ghana to allow other countries to have access to its borders to evacuate their citizens while Ghanaians in other countries remain stranded, enjoining the government to act with dispatch with regards to the repatriation of Ghanaians to the country.

On the specific matter of Ghanaians in Gulf Countries such as Kuwait, Mr. Ablakwa is calling for an investigation as to how Ghanaians continue to have access to travel to such countries even though travel to those countries has been banned since 2017.

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As we welcome 245 of our compatriots back home from Kuwait later today; the point must be made that it shouldn’t have taken an act of deportation by the Kuwaiti Government at the expense of the Kuwaiti taxpayer to compel our Government to grant access to the Kotoka International Airport to our fellow Ghanaians. Never mind that the Akufo-Addo Administration despite its border closures has continued to open the airport for other nationals to be evacuated out of Ghana by their Governments.

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Many of the Ghanaians arriving today from Kuwait have harrowing stories to tell. For many weeks since the outbreak of COVID-19, we heard them, saw their videos and read their petitions after claims that they were unfairly dismissed and ejected from their places of work.

As Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, I saw the video appeals they put together insisting they had funds to purchase their own tickets if only the Government shall agree to grant them access to our airport. Certainly, that prospect compared with deportation would have been more dignifying and they would have been proud of the country they have always called home.

The ordeals and reports of blatant discrimination as narrated by many of these returnees most of whom were domestic workers must be the subject of thorough investigations.

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The government must switch from its perfunctory posture and look deeper beyond the claims of Kuwaiti officials.

The investigations I call for must necessarily look into how these Ghanaians left our shores in the first place? Which recruitment did agencies arrange their travel? How did recruitment agents come to collude with state officials from the Employment Ministry all the way to the Ghana Immigration Service, particularly, when there has been a ban on such travel arrangements to the Gulf States including Kuwait since 2017?

Current developments appear to vindicate respected institutions such as the University of Ghana’s Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) and Migrating out of Poverty (MOOP) which have long maintained following research they conducted that Ghana’s ban on recruitment of workers to the Gulf States and the freeze on recruitment licenses have been a disaster as they have failed to halt the practice.

Beyond calling for thorough investigations, the Minority would be demanding answers in Parliament in the days ahead.

I must emphasize, however, that the Akufo-Addo-led Government’s policy on stranded Ghanaians abroad has been most insensitive, uncoordinated, and absolutely inept. This is quite surprising for a President who once served as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

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If Government had listened to some of us a while back, we could have engaged in high-level bilateral negotiations with counterpart Governments to assist us in bringing back home stranded Ghanaians instead of opening our airport to the many empty chartered flights over the last two months.

It is unacceptable and embarrassing that while many countries have carried out multiple rounds of evacuation from Ghana and elsewhere, our Government is still pussyfooting with claims that they are collecting data and engaged in internal discussions after all these weeks. No one must be told that the matter in issue requires a high sense of urgency and prioritization.

I bet if it had been an IMF loan facility that has just become available for member states, the Akufo-Addo-led Government would have already been bragging about how fast and efficient Ghana’s application was and how we made such a compelling case to receive the biggest allocation.

Ghana can do far better and we sure can place a far better value on the lives of our citizens.

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